Censys Workshop

Welcome to the Censys Workshop

Dive into the forefront of innovation at Censys! Our Workshop is a dedicated space where we craft, refine, and test prototypes and beta projects. By bridging the gap between our engineers’ visions and community feedback, we aspire to shape the future of technology, together.

🤖 CensysGPT

Delve deep into the next generation of efficient online reconnaissance. The CensysGPT beta revolutionizes how you build queries, empowering users to conduct more effective and efficient operations. Gain unparalleled insights into internet hosts in mere moments. With this tool, proactive threat hunting and exposure management have never been more streamlined. As we actively refine and elevate CensysGPT, we eagerly await your feedback to shape its future.

🗺️ Map To Censys

Discover the world of mapping like never before. Map To Censys offers a fresh perspective on spatial data visualization, providing users with intuitive tools and features to navigate and interact with geographical datasets. Unearth new insights and perspectives with every click!

🛡️ Threatfox Censys

Threatfox Censys is a tool to query Censys Search for IP addresses and domains and then parses the JSON and submits the results to Threatfox.

Join the Journey

Your input is invaluable. Engage with our prototypes, share your thoughts, and be a part of the iterative process that drives us forward. Every feedback, every idea, and every suggestion paves the way for groundbreaking innovations.


We appreciate all feedback! Please send your thoughts, suggestions, and comments to workshop@censys.com.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects in the pipeline, and let’s co-create the tech of tomorrow!